1.Defensive driving (On-track training )

  • Defensive Driving course – This course is best suited for people who are already have a valid drivers license but would like to better understand safety on the roads. Majority of this course is taught on a track, which allows participants to try their skills in a controlled setting.

2.Driver Improvement

  • This course includes a 3-hour in-class session along with a 9-hour on-road session. Drivers must have a valid drivers license
  • Make the driver more aware of how to drive in everyday life and the dangers to look out for. We focus on teaching the driver how to think and drive safely when on different road scenarios
  • Common traffic rules, how to drive on a two way road, driving etiquette are among the things taught in this course

3.Driver Training for Logistics

4.Training for Trainer

Driving Course for Logistics

 Truck & Logistics

  • Course specially designed to improve the skills of drivers in Logistics companies
  • Extra focus on safety, which gives your company profit recovery due to less accidents
  • Changing the mentality of your drivers, so that it ensures their own safety and the safety of your goods.


Driver Improvement : Focus on self improvement and better driving behavior that ensures safety

Self discipline : How to plan to ensure that the driver is well rested and does not indulge in emotional driving

On-track training :  Basic training like emergency braking and accident avoidance