aDTC The leader in professional driver training in Thailand

aDTC The leader in professional driver training in Thailand

aDTC or Auto  Driver Training Centre is one of the leading safety driver training schools in Thailand. With combined experience for over 20 years in the driver training industry and experience from the race track, you can be assured that aDTC provides one of the best quality driver training programs available in Thailand.

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aDTC fully organizes driver training programs of different levels starting from basic to advanced and even race level. Our courses can be varied depending on the skill level and needs of our customers.

Who are our target participants?

The target participants for aDTC is people who already have a  valid drivers license but need to improve their driving skills. These participants can represent many groups of people

  • Company executives who drive themselves
  • Everyday drivers who focus on safety
  • Drivers interested in Sport driving
  • Chauffeurs of executive vehicles
  • Drivers who work in logistic operations

How are we different?

aDTC is different from other driver training schools because of the high level of importance given to SAFETY

  • We give high importance to both in-class and on-track training
  • Our aim is to change the way drivers think, to make them safer on roads

What we provide?

What we will prepare

Track area

Class room

World class Vehicles




Transport to and from Track


  Event Setup


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